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    Trying to track when a user is changing a webpage whilst Form is open

      Hi All,

      RE: 10g forms on Windows XP

      I have tried the FORMS forum and have had no response.
      This post may not be appropriate for this forum but if that is the case then I would appreciate assistance
      in understanding which forum to raise it in?

      I was wondering if anyone could tell me how to know when a user was navigating away from the current open
      form because they had entered a new URL in the address bar and were trying to navigate to it?
      The reason for this is that i would want to prompt the user to confirm that they wanted to exit the form as potentially they would have a record (in the form) flagged as being updated and as such no other user (including themselves) could susbequently access it.
      So, I'm basically wanting to know if there is a way to catch the fact that the user is about to navigate to another web page.

      Kind regards,