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    Dynamic Action, validation check, on an Item, could not use Change event

      I am learning how to use Dynamic Actions in a 3.2.x app that was upgraded to 4.0.x. I wanted to share what I learned adding client side validation with these actions. Perhaps an Apex guru could suggest an easier method to use this feature.

      I have an existing function where a user selects multiple rows in a report page, and then assigns a single status and enters justification text for the selected rows in another page, then saves changes (via submit).

      One item, justification, is required. I replaced my JavaScript validation of an empty value, e.g., P10_JUSTIFICATION.value, with a dynamic action. The Change event was a candidate for this item, with the "is not null" Condition. However, it is possible to initiate this screen to review the status, overlook the justification text and immediately select a button to save changes. No Change event has fired. The Before Page Submit event was applicable here. This Event selection in the wizard does not provide the Item for definition and then the Condition wasn't the right context though available for selection. I selected JavaScript expression for the Condition, actually entered my original JS test expression, and created one True Action. The True action displays an Alert to tell the user that required text is missing.

      Test of this DA was not completely successful. The alert appeared but the page went on to submit anyway. I found I had to add another True Action, Cancel Event, to stop the submit. The DA was then successful.

      The Apex site examples, [http://st-curriculum.oracle.com/obe/db/apex/r40/apexdynactions/apexdynactions_ll.htm] , do a great job showing use of Change and Set Value events for Items but a user may not always navigate through items. These features were promoted for developers with no to little knowledge of JavaScript to use Apex for application development. This DA required using/understanding JS anyways.

      My next step is to implement actions on a tabular form that that has required values. It is disconcerting that I have read in the forum that the column value references such as f0x and its row number are required to get it all working (as a DOM or JQuery selector). I have already found that tabular form columns can be re-ordered from v3.2.1 to 4.0.x. I was hoping I could declare dynamic actions or simpler Javascript methods that would not rely on f0x array references.