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    Unable to set completion due date on a task in wli 10.3

      In the task plan that I have created I have set the property "Completion Due Date" to 7 days in the properties tab for the step, yet when I view that task that gets created from this in the Worklist User Portal the Completion Due date is still not set.

      I have also tried doing this programatically by doing the following:
      where completionDueDateCal = current Date + 7, and then view in the Worklist Portal and still no completion due date.

      So far the only success that I have is if I manually set the date while viewing the task in the Worklist User Portal.

      Any help would be appreciated. I am ultimately trying to the task to expire after a set period of time(7 days).


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          So I am noticing that people are in fact reading this, but not posting any suggestions. Do I need to provide more information? Has anyone else been able to set the completion date on a task successfully or is this a bug with 10.3 wli? Please let me know.

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            Kalyan Pasupuleti-Oracle

            Customizing the Task List

            You can customize the column headers or search for required tasks by clicking on Customize Table Header. The option allows you to specify the columns to be showed in the list table, to provide the sorting order, and to set the page size. The sorting order could be complex with option to provide multiple columns for sorting and the order (ascending/descending) for each of them.

            To create a custom query and search for tasks:
            1.In the Task List page, click Customize Table Header.
            In the Construct a Custom Query form, specify the search criteria by specifying any of the following values.
            2.Enter the task name. You can use the * character at the start or the end of the name.
            3.Enter the task ID. Separate multiple values using comma.
            4.Select the check box against the Administration and Working state of the task.
            5.Enter any comment. You can use regular expression.
            6.Enter the priority range.
            7.Enter the Assignee, Owner, or Claimant names.
            8.Specify the completion due date range.
            9.If required, select the Include tasks with no completion due date check box.
            10.Click Apply.
            All tasks that match the specified criteria are displayed in the Task List page.
            To customize the table header:
            1.In the Task List page, click Customize Table Header. The Construct a Custom Query form appears.
            2.In the View form, select the columns that you want to view in the Task List page.
            3.Select the Preserve Search Criteria check box to retain these details for the current session.
            4.Select the maximum number of search results that should be displayed on the page.
            5.Select the number of rows that should be displayed in the page.
            6.Click Apply.
            The view in the Task List page is updated based on the current settings.

            Using this option you can set the completion due date

            Hope this information will help you solve the issue.

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              Thanks for replying, but I think I could have been more clear when defining my problem.

              I would like to set the completion Date for the task either automatically through the task plan when the task is first created or through the API for the task plan.

              For example what I am looking for is.. I have a control in my JPD that I would lke to user to set the completion due date. Currently when I do this, any changes I make seem to be ignored.
              I use something along the lines of ...getTaskData().setCompletionDueDate(this.completionDueDateCal.getTime() and the dump the getCompletionDueDate to sysout and it is Null.

              What I am not looking for is different ways to do this through the GUI.

              Thanks, hopefully this is more clear.
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                Hi ,
                You will ned to create a com.bea.wli.worklist.api.TaskCreation Object and it contains methods to set the task dates and properties
                like completionDueDate,ClaimDueDate, taskName,canBeAborted etc.

                taskCreation = new TaskCreation();
                taskCreation.setCompletionDueDate(new Date());