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    Why would impdp NOT create some roles?

      Hello all,

      I've done a full database expdp from one instance.

      I have a 2nd similar instance, that needs to have some schemas sync'ed with the first one.

      I've dropped the users in the 2nd instance.

      I am using impdp to put these schemas back onto the 2nd instance.

      For some reason, I get a few errors on one schema mostly...and it appears for some reason, the role it needs is not being created...while other roles are being created just fine?


      ORA-01917: user or role 'ROLE1' does not exist
      Failing sql is:

      I checked on the original instance...and ROLE1 does exist.

      I'm curious why this role isn't being created on the impdp? There are other roles that are in there, and appear to be being created just fine.

      I'm doing actually 2x passes with import.

      On the first pass (the one I'm speaking of here), I'm doing CONTENT=METADATA_ONLY
      I list out specifically about 7 or so schemas to import in (same as what I dropped).

      The send import, I actually do DATA_ONLY for the SCHEMA1 schema...but I've not reached that point yet.

      Any ideas on what I should look for?

      This is Oracle 11Gr2 on RHEL5.

      Thank you in advance,