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    add Primary File Field to Group Fileds


      my requirements is on standard check in page I have group all the required Fields one group and sencuirty fields in one group and option fields in one group.

      I used global rules to group the fields but there I could not find the primary file field to group into required filed group.

      Please help how to add the primary file Field to required Fields group.

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          kentucm - oracle
          Primary file is hard coded onto the page in the display code and it not tied into the rules engine directly as you have found. In 11g this is the same as it was in 10g.

          Development probably could make it work so you may want to log a service request to support to get an enhancement request going. but it does not work that way currently.

          Default fields also do not move quite the way you expect them to when you try to reorder the page also. To work around this you can add a default field to each one of your groups to help lock fields into your groupings.

          you will need to see where the primary file field happens to land and work your groups around it unless you make a custom component and move the primary file include yourself.