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    NAT inside address issue with TNS protocol

      We have Oracle 10g installed on?a Win2000 Professional workstation, and pretty much as it comes - we haven't?changed many config. parms.

      We have a basic Linksys firewall/router, and when the Oracle machine is not behind it we can contact it without ay problems. However, when we put the machine behind the firewall we can 'tnsping' it, but cannot contact it with SQL*Plus

      I've run a trace on SQL*Net and the problem seems to be as follows:

      1. The client contacts the server using its external IP address.

      2. Oracle responds with a packet which contains the?INTERNAL IP address of the machine. (i.e. the machines IP address on our local intranet)

      3. The client attempts to contact Oracle using the Oracle machine's internal intranet IP address.?Of course this fails because only the external address is valid outside the firewall.

      4. SQL*Plus responds TNS-12535: TNS:operation timed out???

      Can anyone suggest how we pursuade Oracle?and SQL*NET to continue to use the Oracle Server's external address.