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    java.lang.Error: java.util.zip.ZipException: The system cannot find the fil

      I got maven 221 installed
      i got jdk 1.6 and 1.5 installed (have tested both)

      I have a strange error. All my co-workers can build but I cant. The only thing I can find is that I dont have installed BEA Weblogic but I dont want to have that installed. It should be able to run anyway.

      Could someone tell me what is wrong? If you need pom.xml I got that one as well.

      [copy] Copying 4 files to C:\hudson\jobs\albpm_ip-identity-asserter_-_Build\workspace\target\mbean-content
      [mkdir] Created dir: C:\hudson\jobs\albpm_ip-identity-asserter_-_Build\workspace\target\mbean-jar
      [java] Creating an MJF from the contents of directory C:\hudson\jobs\albpm_ip-identity-asserter_-_Build\workspace\target\mbean-content...
      [java] Compiling the files...
      [java] Creating the list.
      [java] Doing the compile.
      [java] WLMaker-SubProcess: : Exception in thread "main" java.lang.Error: java.util.zip.ZipException: The system cannot find the file specified
      [java] WLMaker-SubProcess: :      at weblogic.management.commo.BeanGenDriver.getManagementTempDir(BeanGenDriver.java:93)
      [java] WLMaker-SubProcess: :      at weblogic.management.commo.BeanGenDriver.main(BeanGenDriver.java:117)
      [java] WLMaker-SubProcess: : Caused by: java.util.zip.ZipException: The system cannot find the file specified
      [java] WLMaker-SubProcess: :      at java.util.zip.ZipFile.open(Native Method)
      [java] WLMaker-SubProcess: :      at java.util.zip.ZipFile.<init>(ZipFile.java:203)
      [java] WLMaker-SubProcess: :      at java.util.jar.JarFile.<init>(JarFile.java:132)
      [java] WLMaker-SubProcess: :      at java.util.jar.JarFile.<init>(JarFile.java:97)
      [java] WLMaker-SubProcess: :      at weblogic.management.commo.BeanGenDriver.getManagementTempDir(BeanGenDriver.java:90)
      [java] WLMaker-SubProcess: :      ... 1 more
      [java] WLMaker-SubProcess: : Stopped draining WLMaker-SubProcess:
      [java] WLMaker-SubProcess: : Stopped draining WLMaker-SubProcess:
      [java] BeanGen code generation failed
      [HUDSON] Archiving C:\hudson\jobs\albpm_ip-identity-asserter_-Build\workspace\pom.xml to C:\hudson\jobs\albpmip-identity-asserter_-Build\modules\dk.skat.ip.integration.albpm$ip-identity-asserter\builds\2010-11-2213-41-28\archive\dk.skat.ip.integration.albpm\ip-identity-asserter\1.2\pom.xml
      [INFO] ------------------------------------------------------------------------