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    EclipseJCDE and Java Card 2.2.1

      Hello all :)
      I need to use Java Card 2.2.1 for Nokia 6131 but my Eclipse IDE only accepts Java Card 2.2.2. Is there anyway that I can get the EclipseJCDE to work with JC 2.2.1 ?
      I need to do this because when trying to upload the .class into the Nokia 6131 emulator's virtual secure element it won't take it and I get an error, I figured the reason is that I'm using a newer version of Java Card.
      Is there any other way that I can test my app.'s behavior, meaning testing how the applet and MIDlet interact?

      Thaaaaaaaaank you in advance for any help
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          I assume you are only using the Eclipse plugin to generate CAP files to use in the Nokia emulator? If so, you can just use Eclipse to compile your classes (using the JCDK 2.2.1 libraries and Java 1.3 as the compilation target) and then use the command line CAP file converter from JCDK 2.2.1 to create the files you require.

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            yeah I'm only using the Eclipse IDE to generate the cap file.
            I'm sorry I'm a newbie, what do you mean eclipse compile my class using the JC 2.2.1 libraries? do you mean using command prompt? but how can I do that?
            I'm a bit confused about what do you mean can you walk me through the steps please?

            Thank you very much :)