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    Looking for opensparcT1 slowest rate simulation


      I've downloaded and ran opensparcT1 chip8_mini regression.

      According to the regression report.log file, slowest rate simulation was *~190[Hz]*:
      "./iob_int_disp_9:chip8_mini:chip8_mini:0/status.log:Cyc= 107199, Sec= 563.730, C/S= 190.2"

      I'm looking for a slower rate testcase, *30[Hz]* and less. It should Probably be a chip testcase where all Interfaces are toggled extensively at the same time.
      Is it available in opensparc T1 env?
      what is the testcase name?

      and finally,
      How can I ran single testcase instead of full/mini regression?

      Thanks for your help,

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