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    copy select value in the textfield from LOV and allow user to edit it

      I have a datablock with 20 records and each record has comments (say field_comments) fields. I would like to allow user to choose predefined comments populated from LOV (say lov_comments) and to append some extra comments after they choose the value from LOV.

      I have created a LOV and added Return type “field_comments” in the column mapping properties. When user clicks on a button, LOV opens up. They select the value from the LOV and the value goes to “field_comment” field. The problem with this approach, user can’t add their comment after selecting from LOV.

      I tried this way too. I created another non-visible textbox (say dummy). In the LOV, I added “dummy” field as returntype. In the dummy field, I have created “POST-CHANGE” trigger which basically says :block. field_comments = :block. Dummy.

      But, the user has to click on other field to view the selected value from the LOV. The values in the “field_comments” is not updated as soon as user click on “OK” button in the LOV.

      I would appreciate it if somebody could give me some input and help to solve my issue. Thank you for your help.