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    Registering new RXi report in oracle 11i

      Hi friends,

      Anyone here ever developed a New RXi Report with interface tables and registered it for users? I’m facing problem while registering it. I don’t know what should be my Executable File Name in Executable definition form in System Administration responsibility. I’ve been searching for the solution for last 2 months but didn’t find any solution. Even oracle support is completely failed to support us on this issue. Please help me.


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          Hi Lisan;

          Please check:

          Oracle Financials RXi Reports Administration Tool, but it's not that flexible.

          FAQ: RXi Reports (JGRX/RXJG, FARX/RXFA, APRX/RXAP, ARRX/RXAR) [ID 430075.1]
          How to Locate Oracle Financials RXi Administration Tool User Guide [ID 218898.1]
          Hope it helps

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            I'm not sure in 11i. But in 12i, I have done it.

            The list of value for RXi Report uses below shown query

            SELECT cp.user_concurrent_program_name, cp.concurrent_program_name,
            FROM fnd_concurrent_programs_vl cp, fnd_request_group_units rg
            WHERE cp.application_id = 222
            AND rg.application_id = 222
            AND rg.request_unit_id = cp.concurrent_program_id
            AND cp.concurrent_program_name LIKE 'RX%'
            AND NOT EXISTS (
            SELECT 1
            FROM fa_rx_reports_v rx
            WHERE cp.user_concurrent_program_name =
            ORDER BY user_concurrent_program_name

            So ensure, the concurrent program name starts with 'RX' and the program must be added to atleast one concurrent request group

            I'm not sure, if oracle will support?. Hence I'm hesitant to offer this solution to my client

            Incase of any further queries, feel free to reply

            Thanks and Regards