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    Java error while trying download jar file into SYS Schema


      I am trying to use UTL_DBWS package for Consuming Web Services in Oracle

      I donwloaded latest copy of the dbwsclient.jar file from the below link.


      I chose the below option for downloading the jar file since i use oracle version. Callout Utility for 10g and 11g RDBMS (ZIP, ~13MB)

      I tried to download the jar file into SYS schema using the below command.

      loadjava -u sys/password -r -v -f -genmissing -s -grant public D:\oracle\Product\10.2.0\DB_1\sqlj\lib\dbwsclientws.jar D:\oracle\Product\10.2.0\DB_1\sqlj\lib\dbwsclientdb102.jar

      But i keep getting the below error.

      class oracle/security/wss/interceptors/ClientSecurityDescriptor: resolution
      existing : Failures occurred during processing

      Can you please advice how do i resolve this error.