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    Real Time - Capture sound signal from Mic then store to memory.

      Hi people,

      I wish to do a real time program that capture the data (+the ADC discrete digitized sound data+) from mic then store the data in memory...

      Then my program retrieve the data continuously from the memory (as long as there are captured data from mic)

      But i have no idea how JAVA deal with real time program that use memory to store the captured data.
      i do know that JAVA do have class INPUTSTREAM to deal the real time thing that fetch the byte of data to program. But still wish to get more reference from here (never use this class before).

      Please advise how can i start from "signal" the mic to store the captured data to memory and my program able to retrieve the data from memory then work my algorithm on it.

      Or can correct me how actually i should store the captured data... i should store the data in memory or store the data as a variable?

      MANY MANY MANY MANY thanks!!! Very appreciate for the advise and i will give my attempt :-).