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    javax.mail.NoSuchProviderException: Invalid protocol :null

      I know this is discussed a lot of times in the forum. my case is a bit different, any sort of help is appreciated.

      I use activation.jar and mail.jar for sending emails for my application. I am not getting emails in certain cases. The same code is used for sending emails for all the application interfaces. Only in certain cases, i get the following error,

      javax.mail.NoSuchProviderException: Invalid protocol :null

      This is the code i use,

      Properties sessionConfig = new Properties();
      System.out.println("smtphost "+smtpHost);
           "No body for this message.");
                "No subject for this message.");
                _session = Session.getDefaultInstance(sessionConfig, null);
      transport = _session.getTransport();
                     transport.addConnectionListener(new ConnectionEventListener());
                     transport.addTransportListener(new TransportEventListener());
                     MimeMessage transportMessage=getMessage(message);

      this happens only in certain cases. And the protocol is set properly. the classpath has only these two jars.