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    Reports 11g inicialization


      I have successfully installed Forms and Reports 11g. ( The problem I am facing now is the in-process report server does not get initialized upon application server reboot. The exact symptom is the report engine is not available until I manually issue http request to the report server (http://server_name:port/reports/rwservlet/showenv).

      I was thinking of setting initEngine parameter of report server configuration but this parameter is not available in 11g as it was in 10g.

      Any idea?

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          If I am not mistaken here, that is the point of using the in-process server: it starts upon first request to it. Otherwise, use a named server and start it up on reboot (in Windows it's a service that starts automatically).

          See this:

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            The in-process as I understand its behavior should start upon firs request. But in my case on it does not. On the contrary on it starts as it is supposed to.

            The symptom as I see it on application server Linux OS is the rwEng-0 does not start until I issue ...showenv http request. On the other hand after the first initialization happens (issuing showenv http request) other subsequent engines (maxEng=5) runs correctlly.

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              How do you run a report? Note this in the article:

              However, if you are sending a request through a command line, Oracle Reports Servlet (rwservlet) must be started first using either the run report URL or the Web command URL.
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                Denis Segard-Oracle

                In 10.1.2 , the in-process Reports Server was automatically started by opmn via the "ping url" used by opmn to check the OC4J_BI_Forms "health".

                In 11g, OC4J has been replaced by WLS managed servers and these WLS managed servers are no more "managed" by opmn.
                That's why the in-process Reports Server is no more started automatically.

                Setting minEngine will not help as the server must be started in order to start some engines.

                So, you can use the standalone Reports Server which is automatically started by opmn after a reboot .
                In 11g , there are 2 Reports Servers by default :
                the in-process Reports Server and a Standalone Reports Server

                If you want to use the in-process Reports Server , you'll need to automatically call an URL like http://server:port/reports/rwservlet/getserverinfo
                with an utility like curl.exe