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      • 15. Oracle VM Server on Windows vista partition
        I have a new machine(Intel Core2 Quad 2.5GHz, 4GB RAM 500 GB HD) with Windows Vista Home premium 64 bit. I'm thinking about installing Oracle VM server and manager on a hard disk partition that I made.Can any one tell me if this is possible. I want to install Oracle E-business suite on top of the Oracle VM. Would apreciate any suggestions and any documentation links.
        • 16. Re: Oracle VM Server on Windows vista partition
          Herbert van den Bergh-Oracle
          Please post Oracle VM questions in the Infrastructure -> Oracle VM forum.
          • 17. Re: Oracle VM Server on a Laptop?
            ... another way to have oracle vmware on Your laptop is to run oracle vmware server in a virtualized machine. E.g. I am running the 32 bit version in a vmware for linux (linx installed via dualboot) host in the mode, where the operating system doesnt know it is virtualized. Then, I have oracle vmware manager on that linux host. I setup a network host onlyt between server and manager and now can use oracle vmware with importing (small) templates from oralce download side.


            • 18. Re: Oracle VM Server on a Laptop?
              I'm very interested in the RPMS for the updated tg3 driver for VM 2.1 or 2.1.1 that you have prepared, so if you could upload somewhere or if you can email me ...
              Anyway how can you build this RPM for the Oracle VM

              Thanks in advance

              Santiago Pérez Agra
              • 19. Re: Oracle VM Server on a Laptop?

                I just purchased a brand new HP Pavillion dv6 with a core i5 processor & 8GB memory with the hopes of installing Oracle VM 2.2.1. So far I have been able to install it on an external drive in a dual-boot configuration but I've been unsuccessful in getting it to boot. Grub loads successfully but while booting it hangs on ACPI errors. If I pass the acpi=off parameter I get past the error but then I get a kernel panic and the system reboots. I have been able to boot into the base kernel however. I also tried passing various parameters, noapic, pci=nomsi etc. but none have work. I also updated the BIOS (Insyde) to latest one (F.23), however that didn't help.
                Right now I am trying to compile the latest kernel from source - kernel-2.6.18- I've hit several issues so far but I'm slowly working past each.
                Has anyone had any luck with such a setup?

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