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    Chat options with PRM


      We have Partner Portal and Call center application (without CTI). Now we want partners to be able to chat from within the PRM applications with available sales reps. What are the options available with Siebel? I've gone through 'Chat Administration Guide' and it appears we need to have Oracle Contact Center installed. However as we don't use CTI and don't have any "Call Center" as such so we are looking for some lighter solution.

      Any suggestions and insight to approach is highly appreciable.

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          The CTI integration to CCA is very open.

          You dont need to install CCA to use it, you can have any of the hosted CCA environments (On demand) to handle the Chat sessions for you. So that is the lightest of solutions, you only need internet access for it to work.

          What version of Siebel are you using?
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            Thanks for your response. We are on and both PRM and CCA are on premise. We are seeking to have a solution where PRM user can chat to our reps (using CCA) withour "Oracle Contact Center Anywhere", so my questions are..

            1. Is it possible to have chat capability without "Oracle Contact Center Anywhere"?
            2. Will it be possible to have windows Live messenger or similar chat software to get integrated wth Siebel PRM and CCA, if yes the how?

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              Please define chat. Do you mean web chat (customer-agent) or just IM chat (between Agents). CCA (no longer sold), but COD (hosted CCA, still sold) provides integrated web chat with Siebel CRM.

              Its very easy to embed IM chat like windows live messenger within Siebel CRM, but this provides only agent-agent chat without the routing COD/CCA provides...

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                Thanks for replying Patrik. We are looking web chat (customer-agent).
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                  Chat from customer (external) to Agent (internal) can be handled by CCA (Prem based or hosted).
                  Screen pop integration and chat transcript storage can be handled by the standard CTI driver in Siebel.
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                    Thanks. Yeah thats what I gather from documentation but we'll have to get lot of extra softweare and licenses for them e.g. CTI, OCCAnywhere (it requires web servers which can be based on either Oracle app server / weblogic or sun one). We were hoing for a solution which can reduce this compexities of so many extra integration points / licenses and maintenance.
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                      All you need is an internet connection to an existing CCA system.

                      CTI is part of V8.1.

                      Navigate to sitemap--> administration communications--> All Configurations
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                        Thanks for your comments but now I'm more confused, are you saying we wouldn't need Oracle Contact Center Anywhere application? Here is our requirement..

                        - We've Partner (eChannel) and Siebel Call Center (we don't use CTI currently, as there is no 'Call Center' and so are'nt any agents as such), we are on
                        - Now we are looking for a 'chat solution' where Partner can start a chat session from inside eChannel with our Sales Rep which would be on 'Call Center Application'

                        Now Oracle has suggested to have 'Siebel Chat' with either 'Oracle Contact Center Anywhere' or 'Third Party'.

                        For POC, I'm trying to get 'Oracle Contact Center Anywhere' installed and go from there, however as OCCA comes with its own set of issues/requirements (e.g web server can be on either sun one, weblogic etc), so we want to explore other option/s as well.

                        I hope now you can guide me in better direction, also I understand it's tough to answer these kind of issue in this forum so if you can direct me to some linear documentation that would be highly appreciable (there is plethora of documentation attached with every product)

                        Thanks again for your peristent replies.
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                          Oracle hosts the CCA product under the name COD (Contact On Demand). Siebel 8.1 + Siebel CTI + COD will give your customer web chat functionality. This means your customer does not need to purchase the CCA software or required hardware. Instead they can get chat using the hosted COD system
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                            Thanks for your suggestion. We are looking for on-premises solution. COD is completely out of consideration.
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                              Send me an email and we can arrange a time to talk over what you want to implement.