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    jps does not report java running under jsvc

      In jdk6_u16 and before running jps would list tomcat running under jsvc (java service runner from apache commons), but as a recent update to jdk6_u23, the tomcat process running under jsvc is no longer reported by jps. Is this a bug, intentional, or is there a switch to jps that would make it report the process?
      If it is a bug, how does one report a bug. I used to know on the old Sun site, but not sure not that Oracle is in charge.

      I am not sure it matters, but I discovered this after updating my jdk from u16, which I did because visualvm crashes tomcat on Centos5 Linux when CPU profiling is started from within jvisualvm.

      After upgrading the JDK to u23, I found visualvm could not find the tomcat process, so I tried running jps, and it could not find it either.

      I can work around this by making a JMX connection from visualvm to tomcat, but I used to use jps for other reasons as well, so it would be nice if it could be made to work again.
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          It turns out this problem has nothing to do with JSVC.
          jps find tomcat running with or without JSVC unde jdk1.6_u22, and does not find it in either case with jdk1.6_u23.
          Seems to be a bug in jps in 1.6_u23.
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            While it's true that 6u23/24 introduce this issue, it's not a bug in jps. Rather a change in behavior of the VM itself. On GNU/Linux Jps and the likes seem to only look at /tmp but not necessarily your CATALINA_TMPDIR. If set or not, try to export CATALINA_TMPDIR=/tmp which translates to "-Djava.io.tmpdir=/tmp" and after restarting the Tomcat process you should see Tomcat's data as "/tmp/hsperfdata_<username>/<pid>" and Jps will most likely work again as well.

            Good luck!

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