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    is JCAPS what i need?

      Hi, we're kind of reviewing if it is worth migrating our current system to JCAPS. It all started with the issue in the default resource adapter (jmsra) of Open Source GlassFishv2.1.1 which does not support XA transaction. Looking at the alternatives, these are what we have identified so far:

      1. is to manually deploy JMSJCA (sun-jms-adapter) in our GlassFish server, but still need to migrate our codes to netbeans as there is no plugin for eclipse to create the JCA-Message-Driven-Bean.

      2. is to use GlassFishESBv2.2

      3. is to use JCAPS6

      moreover, it is very painful for us to maintain this current system as we really dont have any expert on GlassFish and OpenMQ. Any system related error on these technologies would just have us lookup on the internet and assume cause of the issue and solutions.

      So JCAPS folks out there... is it?

      Thanks in advance.

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