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    Audit Vault  Agent sizing (harware requirements)

      Hi, I need to provide my customer an estimation of the disk space needed for the Audit Vault Agent, size of archivelog files of the source database so that REDO collector could work without problems, and other demands of source side (audit vault agent) versus audit vault server?
      Is there any document like "audit vault configuration best practice" related with hardware requirements (size of disk space, size of archivelog files, aud records...)???

      Thank you all in advance..

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          Svetoslav Gyurov
          Hi Elmin,

          I was doing implementation on Audit Vault with around twenty source databases. These were hardware requirements:

          HP-UX 11.31, 2 CPUs, 16 GB RAM, 1TB of storage for database

          Agent (these are from the installation guide):
          - At least 512 MB of available physical memory (RAM)
          - Swap space of 1024 MB or twice the size of RAM
          - 400 MB of disk space in the /tmp directory
          - 1.6 GB of disk space for the Oracle Audit Vault collection agent software (but if you apply patches you need actually more than this).

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            Hi Elmin,

            Do you ever find any information on disk space sizing? I have the same question. We need to determine how much SAN space to request and I'm looking for some guidelines or best practices on how much space will be needed.

            Thanks in advance!