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    Marketing collateral - need two docs printed for each contact in list


      In CRM Marketing (R12, but I'll take 11i advice if you have it), I have a target list generated, and need for each person in the list to get two docs printed at the same time.

      1) Created Campaign
      2) Created Activity for Direct Mail/Print
      3) 30K persons in the target list.
      4) Create Collateral, upload rendition of the first RTF or PDF which includes the merge fields.

      At this point the screen will not allow me to add on the same activity another doc to be printed.

      If I add it as another activity, I believe it will not sort on the printer correctly so that Person "A" gets one envelope with two docs stuffed inside.

      I think the first activity will print out for all 30K people, and then the second activity will run- printing the next doc for the same taget group. But that creates a collating problem on the printer - trying to sort each persons docs back together would be a nightmare.

      Does anyone know how to send a target list a group of docs that need to go in the same envelope?

      There are good reasons for not putting the two RTF docs into one doc. So lets assume we need to keep them seperate in terms of OCM storage.