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    Access Management Basic Questions

      Hello, I have several basic questions regarding the access manager. Short answers are OK for me.
      1) Is there a build in self registration process for end users
      2) Where Access Manager store it's users data (AD, Ldap, Identity Server ? )
      3) Does Access Manager come standalone or it rely in SUN IdM
      4) Does Acess Manager has it's own workflow engine or can rely on IdM
      5) What is the programming language XPRESS or any other.

      Thank You !!!!
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          1. Not sure what you mean here. Self registration can be used by end users if the admin enables it.

          2. Access Manager doesn't store users data. It relies on DS(Sun DS, AD) to store them. You simply configure AM to point to your user repositories.

          3. Access Manager comes standalone with no dependency on IDM. However it can integrate with IDM if needed.

          4. AM doesn't have work flow engine. It can integrate with IDM.

          5. AM in written in Java(little bit in C/C++) if that is what you mean.

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            Hi Shivaram, thank you for reply.
            Regarding the 4. What if I want to create the workflow for End User self registration, For example user must be approved by manager. Is this should be done by IDM? Does that mean that all self registration process will be moved to IDM?

            Regarding the 5 ,I meant is there a possibility to write my own code which will expand the Access Manager capabilities .Like make some changes in AM user creation or deletion process? Sending notifications to end users etc. Is there any API or programming language for this?

            Thank You!!!

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              For self registration, there is no workflow in AM. However, you can create your own authentication module and add such functionality. Also, Identity Manager can provide such functionality as well.

              For user management, AM doesn't provide APIs to extend functionality on create/delete/etc. But it has flexibility in many opther areas like authentication, authorization etc.

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                Hi ,

                I am trying to include a self registration page without the Identity Management interface. Is there a process to register/create users using Opensso and Sun LDAP. When i search for this topic, the results return with references to Identity Manager. . Can anyone provide a procedure to allow users to register themselves in Opensso and create a user in LDAP