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    Webcache on SELinux


      I have a requirement to setup webcache on some SELinux servers (RHEL 5.2).

      Does anyone have any experience doing this?

      Does anyone know if Oracle supports Webcache on SELinux?

      Any help, particularly lists of SELinux rules, if anyone has them, would be great.

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          All, for those who are interested ...

          After raising an SR with Oracle the normal procedure for configuring SELinux with a product is to run the Linux ldd command against each application binary that may be used. The ldd command returns a list of any libraries that a specific binary uses.

          Oracle support, in the case of wanting to use normal webcache functionality, have said that I should run the ldd command against every binary in the following directories:


          The lists of library files can then be combined and added to the SELinux configuration.