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    Modification on Access Manager LOGIN page


      I want to introduce the self registration process in our existing setup of Access Manager controlled SSO. we have introduced the concept of an alphanumeric PIN which will be authenticated through a database not ldap. After authentication the user will be asked to select the
      email ID and mobile no. to communicate the username and password. For this entire process we will be requiring 3 jsp pages:

      1). Enter the user information for user authentication.
      2). Another window (jsp page) for PIN identification.
      3). for displaying the users information (email ID and mobile no.). this will picked form ldap.

      All these 3 pages will be of jsp type.

      Now my query is :

      - What all configuration level changes needs to be done for enabling this?
      - Where should all the jsp file be stored so that they are easily accessible ?

      The verison which we are using are :
      Policy agent 2.1
      Access Manager 6
      Directory Server 5.2
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          Hi ,

          I am trying to include a self registration page without the Identity Management interface. Is there a process to register/create users using Opensso and Sun LDAP. When i search for this topic, the results return with references to Identity Manager. . Can you provide a procedure to allow users to register themselves in Opensso and create a user in LDAP
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            This should be possible using the membership module unless is has been deprecated and broken. Try to register a membership auth module for your realm and configure it to use the same LDAP server where your users are stored, ie configure it with the same values as your LDAP auth module and enable anonymous module as well.
            Then when connecting to opensso use the following URL parameters:

            /opensso/UI/Login?module=membership&realm=/ or whatever realm you configured it for.

            Since anonymous login is enabled, you should have the priviledges to go to the registration page to create a new user.
            Once that user is created, he/she should be able to login to OpenSSO and update his/her own info.