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    Jconsole seems to crash jboss

      Hello all,

      Yesterday I had an odd problem with jconsole and jboss. I was using jconsole with java 1.6 monitoring a production environment. All was going well with the system and it was time for me to leave. As I was leaving I just closed my laptop and left. A few minutes later I find that jboss had terminated unexpectedly. Nothing in the logs as to what the problem was. I've seen this same behavior sporadically over the last year. Nothing shows up. It appears that shutting jconsole down unexpectedly caused jboss to crash. Has anyone else ever seen something like this before? I have no other clue why jboss would just crash like this. Again I've seen this same thing before when closing jconsole but just wrote it off as something else. It does not happen all the time though which is puzzling.

      I was monitoring it remotely using 1.6 - on my laptop. Jboss is running on red-hat.

      Any information or solutions would be helpful as I have not been able to find anything.