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    Query in Voucher Build Staging Tables


      I want to know the importance of VCHR_PYMT_STG,VCHR_VNDR_STG,VCHR_BANK_STG tables in Voucher Build process. When I am converting the data from a third party system do I have to populate all these table besides populating VCHR_HDR_STG, VCHR_LINE_STG and VCHR_DIST_STG.

      I also want to know if I populate VCHR_PYMT_STG table with the PYMNT_ID_REF field populated and run the Voucher Build process, will both PYMNT_VCHR_XREF and PAYMENT_TBL are populated or only PYMNT_VCHR_XREF table gets populated? Should I have to run a Pay Cycle to populate PAYMENT_TBL?

      Also I would like to know when would we should populate VCHR_VNDR_STG and VCHR_BANK_STG tables while running Voucher Build process?

      Please share your valuable inputs on this.

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          Hi Uday,

          Have the vouchers that you are converting already been paid out of the third party system? If so then I would not worry about converting those types of paid transactions close them out in the legacy system and only convert open vouchers (or unpaid vouchers) to PeopleSoft...It requires a little more reconciliation work but maybe worth not having to populate so many other tables and miss something...If you go with this plan then I think you can get away with only populating these 3 quick voucher tables (VCHR_HDR_QV – Quick Voucher Header, VCHR_LINE_QV – Quick Voucher Line, VCHR_DIST_QV – Quick Voucher Distribution) with the appropriate source data and then run the delivered voucher build process to create the new vouchers in PeopleSoft...

          I hope this helps...
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            Thanks for your respoonse. But here in my case I need to load all unreconciled vouchers payments which makes me to load the payment tables. So in this case if I load the VCHR_PYMNT_STG table and run the voucher build process will it create entries in both PYMNT_VCHR_XREF and PAYMENT_TBL tables or only in PYMNT_VCHR_XREF table? Since I am also getting PAYMENT_TBL data from third party system I should know whether I can load this table directly or not? Please clarify on this.