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    JCAPS6- Migration "Method not found in the imported class"


      I work on Jcaps6 migration, I found that few of my migrated Jcd's throw compiler error as here

      ERROR: Method getSegmentCount(java.sql.Connection, java.lang.String, java.lang.String) not found in class com.ack.mware.distribution.v2.filesplitter.InhouseFileAggregator at line 76

      This happens to all the methods in the InhouseFileAggregator class which is our inhouse class comes with a jar file.

      it seems like the methods in this class are not recognized by the main class which throws the abovesaid errors.

      I have checked for the jar file which is found to be added and aslo I have checked with the eDesigner 5 which compiles without any error.

      So I doubt this may be due to some compatible features with the JCAPS6 version.

      Please someone help me to solve this issue. All the Jcd's are facing the same error due to this non recognizable inhouse API's.

      Thanks in advance

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          Christian Brenn.
          hi Preethi,

          we use a lot of inhouse stuff here in CAPS 6 packaged by jar files.
          what do you exactly do and how.
          and is the things you want to use somehow innerclasses or similar?
          how do you include the jar files?

          regards chris
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            Hi Chris,

            Thanks for the reply.

            Here is what I do,

            I did import the project into the JCAPS6 and I have checked for jar files (inhouse).

            I dont see any error mark on the import statements, but the methods in one of our inhouse class are not recognizable by the main class where it uses those mehods to process the query statements.

            The main class have imported four inhouse classes, only one class has this problem the others are working fine.

            FYI,That inhouse class is an abstract class consists of four static methods with its implementations.There are no abstract methods.

            we have our inhouse stuffs in utitlities package ,so I have included the corresponding jar files in the JCD.

            I am really stuck at this, Please tell me what's going wrong here.