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    iStore Customizations


      I am looking for some guidance on iStore UI Customizations

      ie any pointers to best practices ..
      whats tools /ides to use etc ..

      my understanding is that the UI is jsp/html hence
      any tool that supports these technologies will suffice ..
      just wanted to know what people out there are using .

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          I'm looking too.

          I'm feeling my way forward using JDeveloper 10.1.2, the iStore API guide, and various custom practices held together with wire and duct tape.

          I tried Eclipse briefly, but couldn't get it to work as well as JDeveloper.
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            can u please tell me how to customize jsp in iStore.
            books to refer
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              Hi murali ,

              I've been trying to get a jDeveloper workspace working w/ iStore so i can down load all files from unix server.But in documentation the explain for jdeveloper 3.2.2.I would like to configure istore in Jdev 91.If you have any docs or steps what I have to follow to configure jdev9i for istore. Please send to meif you have docs.:

              Thanks in advance!
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                Please send to me.
                My Email: yangshengji@hotmail.com

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                  Please send the document to me. my id is ramesh.kamuni@gmail.com
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                    Hi All,

                    I also need information about how to start doing customizations in the Oracle iStore 11.5.10. What is all required to do the customizations. Is there any .pdf file which i can refer to get an idea about this.

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                      What kind of customization and PDf's u r looking tell me and also let me know on which instance you wanna work.I can hepl you....
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                        Hi all;

                        wonder if any can hepl me, i am trying to establish an environment on JDeveloper 10 and i am now getting an error telling me that variable -DJTFDBCFILE not defined, i tried to pass it to the runner in runtime still this didn't work, anyone has anyidea where i need to define this variable

                        thanx in advance
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                          iStore is a Java/JSP based application. You dont need any IDE to work on customizations. Any text editor/tool that you are comfortable to work on Java/JSP is gud enough.

                          And iStore implementation more of setups and configurations. However there might be some need for different look and feel, which can be implemented by using templates. Read iStore implemention guide on templates.

                          To add extensions, you need to understand page anatomy of iStore application and plan on customizations. To my knowledge there is no standard documentation available for this.

                          Hope this answers some of the questions.
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                            Can any one explain the steps to compile the java file in iStore customization?

                            I am facing below issues:
                            1. java version incompatable. if i changed to java6. its looks good. but i need to know the exact version of iStore application.
                            2. init method(applets) cant override the final variable. but before it is working fine in the current application.