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    How to tune sql query with  EBS-12.1.2

      see my sql

      SELECT A.org_id,A.po_header_id, A.last_update_date
      FROM po_headers_all A
      WHERE A.authorization_status = 'APPROVED'
      AND A.vendor_id = A.vendor_id
      AND A.vendor_site_id = A.vendor_site_id
      AND A.type_lookup_code = 'STANDARD'
      AND A.closed_code <> 'FINALLY CLOSED'
      AND A.last_update_date < to_date('1994/07/01 00:00:00','YYYY/MM/DD HH24:MI:SS')
      AND not EXISTS (
      Select '1' from mtl_reservations
      where supply_source_header_id = A.po_header_id );

      there is a lot of indexes fir PO_headers_all ; however i have always a full table scan for this table ( po_headers_all ).

      How can we eliminate a full table scan.