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    Mounting a SAN Vdisk to Solaris 9

      To anybody,

      I need some help of how to connect a Vdisk from a SAN (StorageWorks Command View EVA) that was created in the SAN. Tried to mount the:

      *[root@sgb-trdb01]# mkdir /trmedtest*
      *[root@sgb-trdb01]# mount /dev/dsk/c4t600508b40010891c00011000006b0000d0s7 /trmedtest*
      and I receive this error:

      mount: /dev/dsk/c4t600508b40010891c00011000006b0000d0s7 or /trmedtest, no such y

      How do I see the remote Vdisk partition that is publish through the SAN being visible in Solaris 9, although it is not mounted yet? I think the Solaris 9 still cannot see the Remote Vdisk Resource. How do I confim this?

      Your help is much appreciated.
      Thank you.
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          It's not clear - device /dev/dsk/c4t600508b40010891c00011000006b0000d0s7 is new or was created before.

          Check that system can access to this device.
          For example:
          format /dev/rdsk/c4t600508b40010891c00011000006b0000d0s7

          After select partiotion, print.
          Check what you can see.

          If format don't have access to this disk, check that this device is configured.

          cfgadm -al -o show_FCP_dev

          Possible, you need configure some FC devices that currently have status unconfigured

          cfgadm -c configure <device>

          Check path status to device:

          luxadm display /dev/rdsk/c4t600508b40010891c00011000006b0000d0s2