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    System Log - Not shown in chronological order

      Hi all,

      I am using SMC to view the System Log for a number of different servers, all using Solaris (8 + 10).

      Some of the System Log views are not sorted by their chronological order. The actual /var/adm/message files on the servers are all fine.

      Has anyone else observed this? Does anyone know how to cure this issue?

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          Hi Neil,

          Is it only /var/adm/messages that has this issue, or does it affect some of the other default logs (i.e. agent.log or agentStatus.log)? Do you see the same incorrect ordering if you change the Message Filter Options (i.e. set a different start and end date)?

          Do the logs look wrong in the FileBrowser module as well? (if you have it installed)

          Are you running the Java Console locally on your desktop, or are you launching it from the web page?


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            Hi Mike,

            It does seem to be only /var/adm/messages files. I checked agent.log, agentStatus.log and configdopl.log and they were all fine.

            If i change the Filter Options and only include the dates for the latest log file (/var/adm/messages) it will display this log file in the correct order. If I include dates in the Filter Options that would span 2 log files (/var/adm/messages + /var/adm/messages.0) it displays the files in the wrong order, for example it lists the /var/adm/messages log and then appends the /var/adm/messages.0 log to the bottom. This pushes things out of date order. Hope that makes sense :-)

            For example:
            Jan 13 09:44:18
            Jan 13 09:44:42
            Jan 13 09:45:06
            Jan 13 09:45:29
            Jan 13 09:46:18
            Jan 11 00:00:17
            Jan 11 00:00:41

            I don't believe there is a problem with the messages files themselves. I don't think anything is making direct entries to the file or anything strange like that:

            -rw-r--r-- 1 root root 1130735 Jan 13 09:57 messages
            -rw-r--r-- 1 root root 3458975 Jan 11 03:09 messages.0

            I don't have the File Browser module installed.

            I am running the Java Console locally. It happens on multiple consoles.

            Thanks for your time Mike.