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    com.jat.core.config.Config + Weblogic Server 8.1.4 + NullPointerException


      I am working in weblogic server 8.1.4 + Workshop. I am facing some pecular problem. I got the code from the client and I need to set the dev environment. IN one JSP I am have following code


      It is giving the NullPointerException which in term leading some exceptions in the JSP.

      I am pretty new to weblogic server + Workshop development. I have few doubts about this.

      Q1. What is the Perpose of the com.jat.core.config.Config class in weblogic Server. I have googled it. But I could not get much information about it.

      Q2. Can some one tell me that which Config file it refering in the weblogic server.
      As I have tried following code too

      Still I am getting the NullPointerException.

      Please help me out as it is very importent to deploy teh code in the local dev environment and I need to start the AD work. Any help or clue would be much appriciated.

      Regards & thanks,
      Nirmala Vijaya Sekhar Varre