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    Overstamping messaging queue in push replication to prevent OOM.


      - Siite A is publishing data to Site B using PRP.
      - Site B becomes unavailable for an indefinite period.

      Is there a way to configure PushRep/Coherence messaging so that messaging only retains the most recent message for a given key/cache, so that the messaging queue (coherence.messagingpattern.messages) does not grow indefinitely and cause the storage node in siteA to go OOM?

      i.e. for some caches, only the latest value is of real significance, there is no point queuing 1000s of messages for same key/cache. (Much like how coherence idempotent cachestores work).

      NB: I am aware of the CoalescingBatchPublisher, but this only helps when site B "is" available. I am also aware of the jmx drain function, but this needs user intervention, and is not really what I want to achieve.

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          Hi Neville,

          Sorry for not getting back sooner on this. Right now there is no configuration knob
          to do this, although procedurally it would not be difficult to implement. Probably it
          would be best done in the PublishingService which would know if a target cluster is
          currently not available and could constantly trim the message queue if it got too large.
          If this is the policy for all published caches the fix should be straight forward.

          If you look at the code in CoherencePublishingService, you will see an exception block
          at the bottom of onPublish() which handles the situation where a publisher failed.
          In it, probably in code that would otherwise suspend, you can put in trim logic to
          figure out how much is backlogged in the message queue, and optionally throw messages
          away (much in the same way as would be done if they had successfully been sent.)

          This model has some serious shortcomings in that both source and target can permantently
          diverge in state.