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    Apex user groups


      I created an application on Apex.oracle.com (v4) to familiarise myself on the tool. I had created 2 users called maryjane and and harryhill. I had created 2 user groups called DECISION_MAKER and RFO_READER. I had assigned maryjane to DECISION_MAKER and harryhill to RFO_READER quite easily.

      The version of Apex in my office V3.2.1. I tried to do the above. Can create the 2 users and 2 user groups. However, both maryjane and harryhill seems to be assigned to DECISION_MAKER and RFO_READER user groups by default. I can't see a way of removing harryhill from the DECISION_MAKER user group and maryjane from the RFO_READER user group.

      I will appreciate it very much if someone can tell me how I can do this in Apex V3.2.1

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          I think you should see this documentation: http://download.oracle.com/docs/cd/E14373_01/admin.32/e13371/wrkspc.htm#BEJFDFDE

          I certainly haven't worked with application express groups before, but never experienced users automatically being added to a particular group when i just tested.

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            kawan2 in case your issue has not been resolved, here is what I did:

            I also have created 2 groups: one for full access and another one for restricted access. Now, when I edit any user, in the "User Groups" I see both groups. However only the highlighted one is the active one. So if you change the group by clicking on its name and then clicking on apply changes button, the user gets assigned to the different group.

            I hope this helps.