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    my display menu only appear if i debug... ????

      hi, please comment

      why my running app can't display the menu i created ?

      i created menu list for my main display.

      menuList = new List("Menu sms", List.IMPLICIT);

      in my start app , i have only two lines;

      menu(); // call menu (see below)
      smsApp a = new smsApp();

      my menu()

      menuList.append("Write SMS", null);
      menuList.append("about", null);
      menuList.append("exit", null);

      When i run the app, the emulator shows default java midlet menu, my app listed there , but when i click open, my menu is displayed only 0,2 milisecond and return to the java midlet menu. so it's like nothing happened.
      if i run debug, my menu is displayed but when out from the menu procedure, then my menu display also dissapear, and changed to java midlet menu.
      i don't know what's wrong in my code, i made other app before and work well (the menu code just like this), i just copy paste it's menu code . it should work too.

      pls help me..

      thanks before.

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