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    Verbose logging jdk1.6 no longer contains path and file for loading msgs

      The javac verbose option underjdk 1.6 logs LOADING Line as follows:

      [javac] [loading javax\naming\InitialContext.class(javax\naming:InitialContext.class)]

      That is different that what I had been getting under jdk 1.5

      [javac] [loading Z:\WebSphere\AppServer\java\jre\lib\core.jar(javax/naming/InitialContext.class)]

      Given a choice I would have prefered the orginal.
      It resolves to a jar. I find the 1.6 line of no more use than the original, and in fact of much less use.

      I see no signs of this being reported as a bug, or even noticed (not a single person other than myself complaining on the internet...)

      I can find no flags to revert to original, and see no snippits of postings showing the former format in any samples of Verbose dumps...


      Why do I care.... I had scripts that using this output to identify our internally written jars being "found" by the compiler, so that they could be "graphed" and packaged in the wars that needed them. Not perfect, but easy.... At least it was easy.