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    HGrid child nodes not populating; no expansion icon to trigger it


      I have an HGrid that is successfully rendering and displaying the top level data. each row from this top VO corresponds to a set of detail rows. Each detail row has a third level of detail under it. I have validated via TOAD that all the data exists.

      I have created a view link between levels 1 & 2, and between levels 2 & 3. I have generated accessors on both levels of the view link, and generated Row and RowImpl on all the VOs.

      When the page renders, I see my 1st level, but the row is not expandable. No +/- icon exists. How do I trigger the VL to execute and show me the detail rows? I have set the View Link Accessor property on the childNode to the accessor name I found in the Mater RowImpl, but still no luck. For example, my master VO is InspectionsVO and my detail VO is TestsVO. in InspectionsVO.rowImpl I found getTestsVO so I put that in the View Link Accessor property on the childNode of my HGrid.

      So, a few questions:

      1) What should be populated in the View Link Accessor property of childNode? Documentation says only populate at leaf level?
      2) What should be populated in View Link INstance property of childNode? Docs indicate this is deprecated?
      3) Do I have to manually execute the VL queries? I assumed that's why we create the VLs.

      Please help, can't figure out how to get my detail to show!