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    Autovue Documentum


      We need a component that integrates Autovue with any Documentum client.
      The current integration is based on WDK?

      Is there already somebody who knows a Documentum DFS / DFC integration?
      We already created an enchancement request and we're looking into the options to created our own integration.

      Thank you,


      Bert Moons
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          Hi Bert,

          I don't believe there is a single component that integrates with any DM Client as there are many types of clients (web / desktop...) & each could be based on different technology.

          Even though current VueLink integration is based on WDK/DFC, it does work with any client that is developed using WDK (ex. webtop). So, if you have a client that is based on WDK, you can still leverage VueLink integration with your DM client. The only thing you'll need to do is customize your client by providing a mechanism for launching AutoVue (this could be a menu item / button / popup menu / link...etc with dynamically generated launch URLs such as http://webtopserver:8080/webtop/custom/autovue/csiAutoVue4webtop.jsp?docbase=demo&objectID=0901869f80001121).

          Best Regards,
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            Assumed answered.
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              The solution provided still makes your application dependant for a WDK application.
              We don't use WDK applications, so it's a bit a pitty that we need a WDK application running only for this servlet.

              We discussed this with a Oracle consultant.
              A possible solution is the one as provided above.
              Or build a Documentum - Autovue integration based on DFS. This will cost a few weeks development, but with this solution, it would work with any Documentum client.