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    Bulk Metadata Update

      Hello Experts,

      Need your thoughts on one of our our requirements.

      We want to develop a bulk metadata update screen. I mean when the user searches for a particular set of records, he would like to update an attribute of some of the records from the search results. for example, User searches for all the records of a content type=test_type, he gets search results and from this page, he wants to update one metadata field 'status' to closed for some of the records. User doesnt want to do it one by one, he wants to select some of the records and want to update the status field of all the selected records in one go.

      Will really appreciate any high level suggestion on the approach to be taken. where can we start from?

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          Srinath Menon-Oracle

          There is a component that exists which does the exact same thing as you have mentioned in the requirement . It is called as MassMetadataUpdate component and you can get it through some sales consultant or partners can get you that .

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            Thanks a lot Srinath.

            Will try to catch hold of somebody.

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              kentucm - oracle
              They also use excel macro'ed excel files to generate batch load files for batchloader to do similar things quickly. When asking them you may get both things if they are different.
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                Thanks Kent. Will keep this in mind.
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                  You can also try to achieve through archiver.

                  Export the content for which u want the mass update to be done. e.g: ontent type=test_type and whatevr other parameters you have. You have to be speciic about the query so that u fetch only those results for which you want to update the metadata

                  Then specify import maps and import them back into the same CS. e.g. choose metadata field 'status' to closed for all the exported items.
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                    If you want a supported software version of this capability take a look at our Subscription Notifier component. (LINK: http://bit.ly/ENRwq)
                    With this and from a web UI inside the content server, you define a bulk set of content using a query and then apply the metadata changes which can be executed immediately or on a scheduled - criteria based trigger.
                    It's ready for 11g too.

                    If you're bringing in content from outside into the content server, we have a user friendly AIR client that has robust bulk tagging / metadata assignment capabilities.

                    Let me know if you want more info.

                    Billy Cripe
                    Fishbowl Solutions