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    Isetup Load issues

      Hi All,
      I am trying to run the extarct from Supplier update from Source to Laod to target Instance. Patch Level on both is 11i.AZ.F

      1. Load Extarct Request Completed with below Error.
      Processing AP_Suppliers with the following parameters:
      The following exceptions are considered as warnings only.
      Importing rows from xml file, and validating rows ......
      6 rows processed, now posting changes to the database ......
      An exception occurred in API 'Suppliers'.
      Exception occurred in API 'Suppliers'
      Entity 'SupplierEO'
      VendorId = '125580'
      *JBO-27123: SQL error during call statement preparation.  Statement: { :1 = call FND_FLEX_EXT.GET_DELIMITER(:2, :3, :4) }*
      Non supported SQL92 token at position: 2:

      2. select USERNAME,ACCOUNT_STATUS,CREATED from dba_users where USERNAME='XDB'; .......shows

      XDB     EXPIRED     1/13/2010 10:03:21 AM

      3. SELECT status FROM dba_registry WHERE comp_id = 'XDB';............VALID

      Please advise.