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        Hi Tony,
        I think you answered your own question but I think we should leave it up to the followers of this thread to look at both methods and to choose the one which suits them best. Again, I suggest to everyone who wants to implement drop-down menus in APEX to view the excellent presentation by Scott Spendolini at Sumneva.

        Regards Garry
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          Then I guess we agree to disagree.. I believe that the plug-in is coded in such a way to eliminate the "issue" you have with a 3 level limit currently imposed. And the fact that the menu is Table Driven, would be a PLUS to alot of developers, since they would NOT have to add additional code to limit access to the menu options..

          But then again, we agree to disagree..

          Thank you,

          Tony Miller
          Webster, TX

          Never Surrender Dreams!

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            Hi everyone,
            I made several changes to my example after a discussion in another thread. Re: Creating a DHTML Drop down

            I think it may be of interest to anyone wanting to implement drop-down menus.

            http://apex.oracle.com/pls/apex/f?p=30582 username: ddm Password: ddm

            Regards Garry
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              I copied the app. and did mouseenter/mouseleave highlighting unobtrusively with dynamic actions. A bit Heath-Robinson maybe but it works.

              http://apex.oracle.com/pls/apex/f?p=30734 Username: ddm Password: ddm

              any comments?

              Regards Garry
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                wonderful menus

                Can you tell me, what is the correct way to load the CSS supplied with the demo download, if I have no access to the apex drive /i/

                It seems not to be enough to load the CSS to the application as shared components.

                I would appreciate any advice you may have.

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                  Does your example handle switching between themes? (Color changes and such)?

                  Thank you,

                  Tony Miller
                  Webster, TX
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                    Little Foot-Oracle
                    Hi Garry,

                    From past few days i have been looking for Drop Down Menus, and tried to do the same using lists with pull down.But it isn't as good looking as your application with drop down menu.

                    i have downloaded the app and the .css file but while trying to upload the .css file it shows error.

                    unable to upload that and use it.

                    was able to upload the app,in whichi copied the pages to new app with same page templet and list templet, still my new app isnt fair enough.

                    can you pls tell me where am i going wrong.

                    Little Foot
                    • 22. Re: Drop-down menus
                      Hi Andreas, Hi Little Foot,
                      I downloaded the app and css from the last link which I provided at http://apex.oracle.com/pls/apex/f?p=30734. I then installed them at my provider (Revion) and it worked perfectly 'out-of-the-box'.

                      The css is loaded into Shared Components > Cascading Style Sheets and referenced in the page template header by:

                      <link rel="stylesheet" href="#WORKSPACE_IMAGES#theme_4_0-2-DDM4.css" type="text/css" />

                      At apex.oracle.com and my provider the IMAGE_PREFIX is /i/ If it is not /i/ on your APEX installation then edit the css accordingly.

                      Regards Garry
                      • 23. Re: Drop-down menus
                        Little Foot-Oracle
                        Hi Garry,

                        Thank you Very Much for the reply, it is now running very fine.

                        Thanks Again,
                        Little Foot
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                          abdul jarish
                          Hi everyone,

                          I want to create drop down menu in my oracle apex application.Could u pls send me any examples?

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                            • 26. Re: Drop-down menus
                              Can i have a look at this menu drop down,? iam stying something like this.

                              • 27. Re: Drop-down menus
                                Hi GarryLawton,

                                Im new to APEX. I have more tabs in my application. So all the tabs cannot display in the screen. I have one level tab only. So I want to implement the drop down menu's in my application tab like yours.

                                So can you explain STEP by STEP to implement the drop down menu's in my tab.

                                What are the things i have to do...
                                Please Explain in detail way. Because i'm new to apex.

                                Thanks in Advance
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