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    cx_Oracle & Oracle's Instant Client

      Hello there, first time here :) , im having many issues trying to set up cx_Oracle module on my Ubuntu OS. My question is if the Oracle's Instant Client version it must be the same as my Oracle's Server Version ??
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          Seems so.
          I did 5.0.4 it on windows, if OCI not match, Oracle will return error says attribute not supported or something like this.
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            There is no Oracle requirement for the client & database libraries to be exact. For example, Instant Client 11g will connect to 10g databases.

            If you have a database on the same machine as Instant Client then you need to be careful about which tools pick up which of the two sets of Oracle libraries. This is a common problem for Windows users.

            Also on Windows you do need to match the Oracle libraries to those that whatever tool (e.g. cx_Oracle) was built with.