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    cut/paste on 2nd page of spreadsheet changes data on 1st page

      When cutting a cell and pasting it in row (I was in row 611 of page 2, it changed the formula in line 67 of page 1) - it has done this in other rows as well. This problem does not occur every time and seems to be only if I paste from a cell that I used the CUT and not the COPY function. I can open a new spreadsheet and put formulas on line 67 for example and then paste into line 611 of page 2 and it changes the formula on line 67 (example =isblank(f67) changed to isblank(sheet2.b611). This is a new/clean spreadsheet with no other rows except 67 and 611 being used. There is no formulas tying these 2 lines together. The problem has been on my Windows 7 computer. I have tried it 10 to 15 times on my XP computer with no problem noticed. Any thoughts?

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