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    Doubt about TSAM database mantenance

      Hi to all

      We are trying to implement tsam on Linux and we find the following problem:
      The application appears to work up and communicating with the agent but in a short time the tsam.log.ddmmyy file shows the folowing error: ora-01654
      Now we fix it doing a “purge all”

      The question is:
      Is there a way to automate the cleanup of the database?
      Can we set up something to make the information older than a month to be deleted automatically?

      Thanks in advance

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          Todd Little-Oracle
          Hi Guillermo,

          It sounds like you need to add space to your database, or perhaps change your TSAM monitoring policies to not collect so much information. The TSAM console allows you to purge older records, but it doesn't provide a scheduled way to do this that I'm aware of. You could simply create a script that posts the appropriate page to the TSAM console to do this and then add the script to crontab.

          Todd Little
          Oracle Tuxedo Chief Architect
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            As Todd said, TSAM doesn't provide automatically purging old data feature, you can use a cron job to clear data,but please be aware of tiy'd better stop TSAM manager when you do this for data consistency.

            Yu Wang