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    javafx on android

      Hi guys,
      I've newbie of JavaFx technlogy. I'm developing a test application with netbeans.
      Does a .jnlp file can be opened on a android system? (smart phone).
      That is...if I develop a standalone application with javafx. will it run on an android system without any modification?
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          Currently there is no any implementation of javafx on android.. Since I've read blog n news. Somehow javafx was going to be accepted by android but.. it's just only talk no any implementation were done!

          Alternative to javafx there is visage programming whose syntax is similar to javafx n it's more easier n faster; soon the visage is going to run their code compatibility to Android phones.You can watch steve's blog here: http://javafx.steveonjava.com/visage-android-cleaner-apis-cleaner-uis/ for more details of android compatibility of visage.

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            You will be able to run your app on android only when android will have own javafx jvm. Maybe it will be soon. Let's wait for javafx 2.0)
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              Is there any update?
              There are lot of new android versions, does any new version support JavaFX?