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    TCP/IP server module with EE container

      Hello All!

      I am developing an EE application that has the following features:

      - web app to browse data
      - a scheduled server module that sends queries through TCP/IP (with SSH) to the large number of devices. The responses of the client are saving in DB.

      My questions are following.

      - What kind of API/library/server to use as a TCP/IP server? (Netty, Mina or something else?)
      - Which application server is better to use in this case? (I intend to use Glassfish v3.)

      I'm going to use MySQL, for back-end - Spring & Hibernate, for front-end Spring MVC & JSTL.

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          I don't see you needing any kind of JEE features other than the web layer, so I would consider adding Tomcat as a possibility for your webserver choice. Cheap, fast and easy to use.

          Other than that nobody is going to tell you what you should or shouldn't use - that is your own job. Research my man, research. Perhaps you'll want to share your findings here to get a second opinion, but don't expect the answer to be spoon fed to you. Go dig up which possibilities you have (of course, use Google), compare their features, search for discussions about issues with the individual products and make a weighed and reasoned decision based on all that.
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            Thanks for reply!

            There is another question. Is it reasonable to use TCP/IP server module that manages all queries or to use TCP/IP client module as a part of application back-end that may be client for a lot of server applications?