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    11g and Multiple RPD's?

      I know this question has been asked and answered before...but what about for 11g? I thought OBIEE 11g made it easier to host two RPD files on the same instance? Has anyone done this on Oracle Linux? We have a requirement to attempt to do this yet we don't know exactly where to start. Any ideas?

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          Hi itguy,

          Your question is can multiple repositories run on BI server??

          YES,go through this link 6th page http://www.biconsultinggroup.com/images/VideoAlbum/BICGWhite_Paper-OBIEE_11g_FAQs.pdf_

          Play around with it by starting at some point,still dint put my hand on it.

          Hope it answers your question.

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            Thanks, funny thing is we found this same exact PDF. So the question is yes....but how is the next question. I've seen some pretty detailed steps on how to do it on 10g, but not for 11g. We'll keep on searching unless someone can point me to a write up on it.

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              Am not able to download the pdf :(
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                Here's the actual link http://www.biconsultinggroup.com/images/VideoAlbum/BICG_White_Paper-OBIEE_11g_FAQs.pdf

                there was a typo in previous link an underscore at the end.

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                  I have set up 2 different RPDs in OBI 11g.
                  My configuration is:
                  * 1 BI server
                  * 2 Presentation Servers
                  * 2 Web applications, that point to the different presentation servers.

                  1. I have set up the 2 repositories (RPD files) in the NQSConfig.ini, as it used to be.
                  2. Then the ODBC connection to comunicate the new repository with the presentation server, with the driver that is setup during OBI 11g installation.

                  3. On the other hand, I do a vertical scale out of the Presentation server, PS, so I say I want two Presentation servers in the Enterprise Manager -> Business Intelligence -> coreapplication -> Capacity Management -> Scalability.

                  4. Then I have other Presentation server runnning and listening on the port 9702 (instead of the normal 9710), the port number taken during scaling can vary for you.

                  This creates a duplication (copy) of directories for the other PS.
                  5. Then I set up there in the instanceconfig.xml for this new PS that it has to use the DSN ODBC connection set up in the step 2. And that my catalog path is the one I am going to set up in the next step.
                  6. I copy the web catalog for the second repository to new directories (created during step 4).

                  7. Finally I deploy analytics.ear again. That's how I got the different path to access the two Analytics at the same time. I took the analytics.ear Enterprise Application deployment file, I uncompressed, I changed the ports in the web.xml file for both ananlytics.war and analytics-ws.war I renamed all of them. and I created a new analytics2.ear file.
                  Then I deployed it in the Weblogic Administration Console, bifoundation_domain -> Deployments. Summary of deployments -> Control -> Install.

                  Probably there are more ways to have multiple RPDs in one installation. But I did this. Let me know how it works for you.

                  Enrique Ros