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    Need help with Oracle Data Integrator Staging and Work Schema


      I am using ODI to integrate data from SQL Server to Oracle DB. I have three servers: One is SQL Server 2005 (source), second is Oracle DB (staging area) and third is also Oracle DB (target). The interface I have created is working fine, except that I have a requirement that the temporary tables (with C$ and I$) should ONLY be created on the staging area and not target DB server. The problem is, when I execute the interface, first it creates C$ table in the specified schema of the staging area, but then the role of staging area is finished, and it copies C$ table into the target DB and then works over there (i.e. creates all temporary tables like I$ and E$). In topology manager, in physical server, I can define work schema on only my target DB. Is there any way that the temporary tables are NOT created in any schema of the target DB? and are only created and deleted from the specified schema on staging area? If not, what's the purpose of staging area if all temporary tables have to be created on target DB anyway?