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    How to load multiple .wrl (VRML) files?

      Hi all,

      I need to load four components of a coffee table into the virtual universe, the four components are top, base, left leg and right leg. I use four parts not one whole single object because in this way when I change the size of this furniture, I can make the thickness of the edges fixed, which is a must. The four parts consist a table correctly in the design software TopSolid, but when I load the four .wrl ojbect files seperately in the application, they cannot compose a table correctly. I guess the reason is the four components have been resized and translated automatically in the VRML loader. I have reviewed the source code of the VRML loader and some related source code but not be able to find where the auto resize code is.

      I have used four Wavefront .obj files instead to do another technical demonstration, if I disable the ObjectFile.RESIZE flag, and just scale the four parts by myself using the same scale factor, I can get a perfect coffee table, with every part in correct location. But my supervisor insist on using VRML .wrl files in our project.

      I hope someone can give me some kind instructions or advises on how to do it in VRML97 loader (https://j3d-vrml97.dev.java.net/).

      Any help will be highly appreciated.