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    customizing contact record storage


      CCA_AM_813 guide on page 97 tells about "six main configuration options for customizing contact record storage".
      I tried to use "Configuration 4".

      The guide says:

      "In Configuration 4, you keep your contact records in a new
      table that you create in the Oracle Contact Center
      Anywhere database. You also create a new contact
      template and a new data source: Custom contact template

      I followed all the instructions for "Configuration 4", but when I try to make a contact search from IM with the new "Display Template" I receive this error:

      "An error occurred while searching for contacts"

      And this are the IM logs:

      2010-07-27 17:12:03,895 ERROR com.taw.cca.client.app.ic.contacts.ContactQueryPanel An error occurred while searching for contacts!
      com.taw.cca.client.framework.communication.CommunicationException: Invalid Security Policy
           at com.taw.cca.client.framework.communication.services.BaseService.handleServiceResult(BaseService.java:82)
           at com.taw.cca.client.framework.communication.services.BaseService.handleServiceResult(BaseService.java:107)
           at com.taw.cca.client.framework.communication.services.contacts.axis2.Axis2ContactsServices.findContacts(Axis2ContactsServices.java:66)
           at com.taw.cca.client.app.ic.contacts.ContactQueryPanel.findContacts(ContactQueryPanel.java:111)
           at com.taw.cca.client.app.ic.contacts.ContactQueryPanel.access$0(ContactQueryPanel.java:106)
           at com.taw.cca.client.app.ic.contacts.ContactQueryPanel$1.run(ContactQueryPanel.java:142)
           at java.lang.Thread.run(Unknown Source)

      It seems to be an access/security problem with the table... but I created it inside CCA DB!

      Anyone have a solution?
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          No one tried to create a "custom contact table" in "configuration 4" in the "Contact Center Anywhere" Database (SQL 2005) ???
          Help pls!
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            The contact templates are tricky but will work. You should create a view in the target DB. Be sure to set an unique key value and use that as the key in the CCA template.

            Use DB profiler to see the query being sent to debug, you should see what CCA is sending to determine why the look up failed.
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              Hi Roman,

              your solution seems not to work with us, or maybe we have not understood...

              In any case I found some old SR opened with Oracle still not solved: it seems a bug in the application.
              Oracle opened this unsolved bug:


              that is:



              Bug Attributes

              Type B - Defect Fixed in Product Version -
              Severity 2 - Severe Loss of Service Product Version 1.0
              Status 11 - Code Bug (Response/Resolution) Platform 289 - GENERIC (All Platforms)
              Created 19-Mar-2010 Platform Version NO DATA
              Updated 06-Jan-2011 Base Bug -
              Database Version 2005
              Affects Platforms Generic
              Product Source Oracle

              Related Products

              Line Siebel Family Customer Relationship Management
              Area Contact Center Anywhere Product 8965 - Siebel Apps - CCA
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                It may be that you are running into a bug.

                We do use the custom contact templates with 8.1.3 FP5 and it is working.

                It is not perfect as the fields do not have input masks and are simple text boxes (no drop down or calendar controls) but it does work. It is nice that the contact history also works with them.

                Can you check on the DB side to capture the query and see if it is successful or failing?
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                  The bug was solved!!!
                  I run SQL Profiler and noticed a query that referenced to nonexistent column name! Nonexistent because not mentioned in the guide!!!

                  About configuration 4 the 813 guide tells:

                  1 Create your new custom table in the Oracle Contact Center Anywhere database, and verify the
                  ■ Your contact data must be in a single table or a view.
                  ■ The primary key for your contact table must consist of a single column.
                  ■ The columns in your contact table must use a data type of integer or string.

                  Running SQL Profiler I noticed that the corresponding query contains the following nonexistent fields:

                  But now there is another problem that I had with the configuration 2 too…
                  In IM the query returns duplicated columns...

                  The query I see now in SQL Profiler differs from the previous (that returned the error):

                  SELECT contactscustom.id,contactscustom.Societa,contactscustom.Nome,contactscustom.Cognome,contactscustom.CodFiscaleCliente,contactscustom.CodContratto,contactscustom.PartitaIVA,contactscustom.Lavoro,contactscustom.Pref1,contactscustom.Casa,contactscustom.Pref2,contactscustom.Cellulare,contactscustom.Note FROM contactscustom WHERE contactscustom.id IN (1136,1137,1138,1139,1140)
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                    Other required (but unreported) fields are:


                    (NB See contacts system table to copy properties from...)
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                      An other must is that id key value must match the value of "systemid table type 7" + 1